How Zeno Is Making You Happy

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  • We know you don’t function in isolation
  • You go out with friends
  • Make friends at work
  • You are not alone

We offer great discounts

Register and set your fixed daily routes, earn great discounts when you pay ahead See how it works…

We prioritise your convenience

Getting ready for work or running late for a meeting? Save your daily fixed routes and a ride will automatically come to you in time to take you where you want to go

We value your safety

Hit the SOS Button on Zeno app and security operatives will be dispatched to your location immediately or just send your ride details to your ride buddy
5% discount when you pay one week ahead.
10% discount when you pay one month ahead.
During your subscription period, any ride missed is automatically rolled over.

Put your desired location

We will show you all the loading bays close to where you are

Get your bus , and seat number…no hassles

No African time, get to your bus on time …we leave as scheduled